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Salesforce Development by Plug2Salesforce

Technical skills of the team : All Developers :: Size : 5 resources for 6 months.

Collaborated various users and solved their issues based on business needs by strong communities. Integrated Salesforce Development to Eloquent for managing marketing campaign activities.

Handled Data Management, Activity Logging and Campaign Tracking in Eloquent. At Plug2Salesforce we created various responsive visual force page for external user using lighting design system as well as standard components. 

At Plug2Salesforce we created Lightning Component for Proof of Concept to show the new lightning look and feel along with the functionality. Used Email to Case, Web to Case features and created a community where the customers can create & manage their cases. Used Spinners in custom pages whenever page updates any records for showing progress. At Plug2Salesforce we created many lightning action buttonsusing visual force page.

At Plug2Salesforce we got involved in analyzing implementation gap between Salesforce classic and Lightning. At Plug2Salesforce we created prototype for Lightning page to use in the existing visual force page. Actively did requirement analysis for the end-to- end project by exploring all possible use cases. At Plug2Salesforce we worked on User Security, Data Security, workflow rules, validation rules, Formula Fields and various customizations activities. At Plug2Salesforce we Coordinated with business and technical team members to guarantee a smooth flow for history load, incremental load & Inbound / outbound sync. Interacted regularly with business / technical users using Appropriate vocabulary to ensure they are well informed of the progress Throughout the project. 

At Plug2Salesforce we worked closely with Client Salesforce Admin to confirm all the required privileges granted Pre-deployment and necessary user provisioning done post-deployment. Plug2Salesforce has Salesforce development and configuration activities on various custom applications. At Plug2Salesforce we managed customization of Salesforce Communities; performed various configurations related to communities. 

Plug2Salesforce has implemented Knowledge Management. At Plug2Salesforce we created custom visual force pages and Controllers to support various custom UI needs. Used lightning component in Napoli template to build the self registration process for end users. Worked with Lightning components along with server-side controllers and AJAX calls to retrieve data from object.

Plug2Salesforce has worked on supporting live Salesforce applications and handling Salesforce tickets on daily basis. Interacted with various teams in order to resolve those tickets on time. Handled the cases related to workflow rules, Data Security, Permissions, validation rules, Formula Fields and various customizations within Salesforce. Performed Data Synchronization, Validation, Assessment, and Replication by integrating salesforce to Informatics. Apex Classes, Exception Handling, Batch Jobs, Controllers & Triggers considering governor limits and various other components as per the best practices and application requirements. Plug2Salesforce has worked on Data updates and Loads on need basis using Data Loader. Participated in daily stand up meetings to track and address different pending activities.