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Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer - Plug2Salesforce
In our present project, we work on as a Plug2Salesforce developer performed configuration, customization and Integration activities for various salesforce applications. We worked in collaboration with the client team who were functional experts. Project for an Accountant in Canada

Technical skills of the team : All Developers :: Size : 2 resources for 9 months.

Our Work included:

Plug2Salesforce has implemented and delivered projects under Agile Development Environment. At Plug2Salesforce we prepared technical Design and Deployment Plan Documentations. Automated multi-channel marketing campaigns integrated Salesforce to Eloqua. Built and configured third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) system and Live Agent with Salesforce Call Center application. Worked on Knowledge Articles.
We performed Design & Development using Best Programming Practices of Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visual force pages, Process Builder, SOQL/SOSL, Batch Jobs, SOAP & Rest Web services. Development experience with best practice implementations using Salesforce Lightning Components, Process Builder, Apex (triggers, batch classes, and inbound email service classes), Visual-force pages. We also worked on new concepts of Salesforce Lightning components, Spineers, lightning action buttons, etc. And also Salesforce Mobile Application related development activities. Specifications and identifying interface and business process specifications.

Worked on Salesforce Communities and Customer Portals. We also worked with sandbox, production and pre-prod environments. Plug2Salesforce has implemented Salesforce securities including User Management, Org Access, Profiles, Permission Sets, and Data Management (OWD & Sharing settings)

We have expertise in designing, creating and maintaining Validation rules, Workflow Rules, Approval Process, Groups, Queues, Email Templates. At Plug2Salesforce we have expertise in developing, deploying and integrating Salesforce applications. We work on  custom objects, custom fields, Formulae fields, Record Types, custom Tabs, Junction Objects, Custom Reports, and Dashboards.

In our previous project for an project based in Canada, we executed various levels of Unit, Integration, User Acceptance and Operational Acceptance testing using test cases to prove that system conform to specifications of business and quality requirements.

At Plug2Salesforce we got involved in project governance to effectively manage the process within the timelines set by the client. Performed admin activities time to time basis to resolve production daily tickets.  Also worked on various design prototypes with pros / cons and expected time frame before writing code. 

At Plug2Salesforce we extensively use Apex coding concepts to deliver self-contained & robust code segments without dependency on existing work flows and validation rules. Used Visual force techniques coupled with Standard / Custom Controllers to deliver pages that meet the end user needs.  At Plug2Salesforce we created Visual force pages for custom login and configuration of communities.  We do testing methodologies including manual testing (Single/bulk insertion), system testing (unit test/ functional test / regression test / bulk test) to break the code for all possible scenarios were employed.