Lightning Salesforce

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So what is lightning and why it is introduces in salesforce??? 

 Every once in a while you get an opportunity to work on something that changes the game. Something that is hard and risky and meaningful. Something that when you are being honest with yourself makes you scared. For me this was — and still kind of is a scary project. So it’s especially gratifying professionally and personally to introduce you to salesforce lightning.

Let me introduce you to this amazing experience….

Lightning is a new Re-imagined salesforce tool for sales rep to maximize their productivity,its a beautiful new interface.

If I say why you need lightning is because first of all it`s UI is improved and user friendly.

 ******   Future of CRM   ******

Ok so now if you are ready for lightning but are still confused whether to allow users to  switch to lightning or not ,let`s try a wayout..

Create a permission set for some users and name it lightning users..

Now that you have understood the lightning experience.

Lets move to lightning components….but before proceeding any further ,what is lightning components??

So let me tell you the difference..

See salesforce classic uses a page-centric model while lightning uses a app-centric model, now lightning components was made by keeping in mind the lightning experience

A huge advantage of lightning components is that you don`t have to worry about compatibility across devices and browsers. The component framework handles this for you.

Lightning component is full-stack framework for building modern web applications ,as lightning is already being used in salesforce 1 mobile app, it is also used in lightning app builder , lightning process builder, lightning desktop

In addition to building apps for desktop browsers salesforce 1 app, components give you a level of customizations  that was never offererd before via lightning extensions

Extension allow developer to actually plug-in standard salesforce 1 interface this means you can alter the look of fields in your applications ….

Here`s an example of custom application build using lightning components

This app uses custom objects to easily store expenses

In Red – we can see summary of expenses.

Below it is a detailed list of expenses which are created

So we can build this app using multiple components  for example top and middle are part of one component and list at the bottom is a different component

Components communicate with each other using lightning events

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