Lightning Process Builder

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Lightning process builder is new tool that helps anyone in your company easily automate business processes such as employee on boarding, customer on boarding ,employee travel and expense management and many more things without writing a single line of code 

Imagine the admin wants to streamline company`s new trip approval process and increase employee collaboration by building a killer app for the company Trip request are part of this comprehensive  travel app admin jumps into the process builder to automate this trip request process

Lightning process builder is the next generation of business automation ,it is a central way to create and update business data ,manage approvals, post to chatter etc. ALL WITHOUT CODE

   Admin creates a new process that will fire whenever a trip request record is created or edited.

She defines a criteria for a small trip which will cause the process to fire certain actions when the value of the expected cost field is less than $3000 now

The fun begins , admin starts automating actions ,immediate actions that will fire immediately if the criteria is met and schedule actions which can fire at a specific date

The first is to create a event record for the employee so the calendar is blocked on their travel date , admin only needs immediate actions

Creating new record is something  admin needed to use code to do before which is now made easy by lightning process builder

Also admin can add other actions like post to chatter

And a new action which is necessary for this particular process is APPROVAL which might be happening in E-mail, so  admin can select  SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL in her new action, now admin  can select default approval process which is their in salesforce approval process editor or she can select SPECIFIED APPROVAL PROCESS ..


Once this is ACTIVATED, any record which is created or edited from the desktop browser or salesforce 1 mobile app will fire this process ,let`s see the experience of sales rep, for this they need to create a new trip request, enter the departure date, arrival date ,the cost for it ,also you can link it to an opportunity.

As you can see now it is created

Thanks to the lightning process builder , it saves time of employee and management. 

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