Dirty Data in Salesforce

Dirty Data

Data Services

Successful Strategies for Migrating and Managing Data

The success you achieve with your customer relationship management (CRM) application depends on the integrity and consolidation of your customer information. But information is often spread out among a variety of databases, a number of different data fields, and duplicate records. It may even be incomplete. Data management is by no means easy.

To maximize your productivity and transition from your old applications, you need a unifying data management strategy that enables your company to address your business needs in the best way. At salesforce, we analyze your business drivers and evaluate your business process in order to uncover ways to increase productivity and help you craft the appropriate data management strategy.

Data Migration:
Many of our customers have experienced pain with a CRM application due to multiple data sources. The customer support team may have different customer information than the sales force, or, even worse, sales management might be working with data that is different from the data used by sales reps in the field. Plug2Salesforce helps yourcompany identify and delete dirty data from your system. At Rowalim we have a separate team for just managing dirty data who take it up as a projects as well as an ongoing process.

We help you migrate your data quickly, efficiently, and effectively so you can quickly optimize the value you receive from your Salesforce applications. Our certified packages transfer data from existing ACT!, Goldmine, Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix, and Siebel OnDemand applications into Salesforce.
Data Cleansing and De-Duplication.

We at  Plug2Salesforce would ensure that your dirty data never gets transfered to Salesforce CRM
Are you plagued by multiple duplicate records across various sources, lack of data integrity, and low user adoption due to data integrity issues?
We'll walk you through the de-duplication process and help you remove duplicates while merging your data. Our best practices and experience guide you through the process of cleansing your data before or after it has been migrated into Salesforce. You benefit by having a single source of cleansed data and increased user adoption.
Best Practices
 We at Plug2Salesforce have come out with our own list of best practices. Right from downloading all Salesforce data in a excel sheet with a pre defined template to training people on what needs to be done on data migration and how to keep your data clean
Whether you are deploying Salesforce SFA, Salesforce Marketing, Salesforce Service & Support, or other applications on the Apex platform, your organization can benefit from our data management services. All of these services are rooted in salesforce.com's methodology, which has helped thousands of customers achieve success with on-demand CRM.
To find out how you can accelerate your CRM success with our data management services and to learn about pricing, contact your account executive.