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At Plug2Salesforce data cleansing services we provide operations Like migration, rebuilding, normalisation, verification, validation de-duplication and appending missing data. we do whatever it takes to provide you with clean data. with our data cleaning solutions we help to increase your organisations ROI and productivity and reducing the cost and wastage.

it produces insights by mining enterprise data. The founder members and leadership team of Blemm had been a part of  CRM  development and other High enterprise scale applications like  CRM,ERP's . BI (Business intelligence) and hence establish an authority over analytics.

We understand that different  objectives comes from every client and that is the reason we work According to each client that ensure their advanced analytics needs are met and expectations are exceeded. 

We know that our clients depend on the timely delivery of information provided by custom reports, and we provide this with a variety of  reports and dashboards. We provide industry specific analytics solutions to its customers to effectively manage information and lower business risk .

Any database that is incomplete, not properly formatted and contains Wrong entries can be improve through data cleansing Services. there is no rocket science to keep your data clean. we can do this only through data cleansing service's.

Plug2Salesforce offers Database Management Services that will upgrade the quality of your database and fetch better results for your organization.

Why Plug2Salesforce?

  • We offer a free trial offer on data cleansing, where you can get to know how we work.
  • Open channels of communication ensure than the requirements and the progress of an assignment are communicated clearly among the people involved.
  • We have confidentiality agreements with our employees as well as systems security measures in place to secure your data
  • We have extensive skills in managing projects of varying sizes.
  • We have an account management team who understand the need to deliver a quality service but at a price and speed that suits you. Our expertise in data enables us to provide a comprehensive advisory service.

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